QC Profile

Quality is the foundation of the survival and development of an enterprise. To improve product quality, all employees must participate. Each employee has the obligation and responsibility to do a good job in product quality, and firmly establish quality awareness, strictly control and implement product operating procedures. Leaders and every employee are required to devote themselves to product quality management, and instill quality goals into the hearts of every employee. The main thing is to control the production process, 5S site management, and outbound inspection (OQC) to ensure the overall quality of the product.

Especially:Shipment Inspection (OQC):

   Shipment inspection is a summary of the products produced. Through the re-inspection of the performance indicators of the entire product, whether it meets the needs of customers and the expected satisfaction. The inspection must be carried out in strict accordance with the company's standards and customer requirements. Do not miss inspection, do not hand over defective products, and do not accept unqualified products. The factory pass rate reaches 100%.
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